What’s a mob to a king


Dat antimage.

leaked dota 2The international stretch goals


$14 million: ssj7 ultimate vegeta will be unlocked for compendium owners

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This is Penzowned/Penzo. My real name is Stephen. Due to having issues with getting over a girl and the constant recent harassment of anon’s. I’m going to be getting off of all social networking websites. If anyone wants to reach me try and find me on Steam, but other then that and Skype I will not be using anything for a while. The personal information I post on my blogs has come back and created a few problems in my life currently. I’m terribly depressed due to a lot of really shitty things happening in a range of 2 weeks, and I just want to crawl into a hole and cry. I will be back probably in a few months. Till then, everyone get better at Dota and I hope you all the best!


Why I hate Dota’s community.

The two Russian members of out team were giving advice and trying to help this omni with his first time, and he went and started shouting how these people were morons for not knowing his language, so I called him out. Seriously, just because you can’t understand someone doesn’t mean they are being rude or hateful. try to communicate. Use the Y commands. Its easy. The reason why pubs are hell ISN’T because “ooohh look at all these russians” its “OOh look a russian, lets give up all hope of trying to understand or work with this person, lets just blame them for everything wrong and then get mad when they do the exact same” Its bullshit. I’m tired of it.


This could be us..

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but you playin.

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